[V LIVE] [NU’EST] 뉴이스트가 나타났다📢📢

[V LIVE] [NU’EST] 뉴이스트가 나타났다📢📢:


My personal highlights for this vlive:

  • JR had a Starbucks drink. Took one sip. Spilled it on the floor. Tried to move the table where the drink was to clean the floor, knocked down the rest of the drink instead. The boys said JR spills stuff every day so they’re used to it lmao (And I’ll give you all one guess about who volunteered to clean up the mess) #give_kim_jonghyun_a_sippy_cup_2k19
  • Minhyun accidentally called JR hyung in what I’m gonna chalk up to a Freudian slip (JR was very happy about it, too, which is sort of amazing. I think Jonghyun will write about it in his diary tbqh)
  • I don’t remember what it was anymore, but Ren said something and Baekho said he was thinking the same thing, and Ren was all excited saying “Really?!” and then Baekho was “lol no” and Ren got mad, which if you ask me if peak baekren dynamics
  • Speaking of peak dynamics, catch minron holding hands for literally no reason whatsoever
  • Most important highlight of all: Kang “Giving spoilers is my favorite hobby” Dongho is back and he’s got a surprise for his birthday tomorrow! (Since he’ll be overseas during his actual birthday)
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