[Nu’News] NU’EST have achieved their 3rd win for BET BET and 1st ever win on a public broadcasting channel!

Getting a win on a public broadcasting channel is even more difficult and seen as the next step to a 1st win on any show, so well done nu’est! They are the group who waited longest for this win in kpop history again.

They made “a human bridge” to celebrate similar to the one they did in love story season 1 in 2012

7 years after their debut (120513), congrats t…

7 years after their debut (120513), congrats to NUEST, for getting their very first win on show champion (190508) and many more to come!


[Show Champion] 190508 5월 8일 쇼챔피언 ‘챔피언송’은? 뉴이스트의 <BET BET> 입니다! 3년만에 완전체로 돌아온 최강 비주얼 그룹 ‘뉴이스트’의 챔피언송 수상을 진심으로 축하드립니다 ^^*

Translation: The 8th May Show Champion “Champion Song” is? It’s NU’EST’s <BET BET>! The most powerful visual group in three years, congratulations NU’EST on winning the champion song ^^*


There’s so much to say and so many emotions I’m feeling but I just can’t seem to process them coherently. For how long did we wait for this day? Walking side by side, through hell and back with NU’EST, constantly pushing against the tide. It was tiring and at times, everything seemed impossible so to see how they’ve finally achieved this dream, a dream they so often felt was out of reach but is now in their grasp…it’s incredible.

NU’EST deserved this award sooner but the universe served them the hard road. NU’EST never faltered. They stayed true and strong and their strength, hard work and perseverance is what got them that award today. This is what NU’EST worked hard to achieve. This is what they put everything on the line for. This award is more than just a music show award. It’s so symbolic.

This award is symbolic of everything they’ve gone through and a testament to the trials and tribulations they’ve endured to now. The award proves that no matter how tough things get, if you keep on trying and take an honest, just path, you will always succeed. The award proves that there are no shortcuts in life and that if you endure the flames, you reap the rewards. The award proves that if there’s something worthwhile fighting for, you fight for it and you fight hard.

They deserved this award so much, for the evolving music they create and present to us time and time again, to the thought through concepts and emotive lyrics they convey. They share with us their art, so to see such a positive outcome must have put them on cloud nine ‘BET BET’ is a fantastic song and ‘Happily Ever After’ is a stylish album. NU’EST have given us all so much, I’m so happy we could give them something in return.

I’m so grateful to everyone who has supported NU’EST. So grateful. Whether it was in the past or present, thank you, each and every one of you. I really appreciate every ounce of love everyone has given them because they deserve the world.

Congratulations NU’EST on your first ever music show win. I hope it’s the first of many!



I am crying while writing this, they are longest group ever to get their first win.

`From almost disbanding 2 years to no.1, congratulations nu’est you walked through hell to stay together and it finally payed off.

You may have waited 7 whole years but theres plenty of more wins to come! 

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