the thought of another comeback has me so exci…

the thought of another comeback has me so excited and a bit worried, but I doubt they'll do another one yet, firstly cause tour but also cause svt hasn't had one yet and since their last one was before nu'est and next is confirmed for august, so nu'est likely won't have a comeback till Sept and that'll be conditional on tour dates. I'm thinking they might shoot for Oct, like how dejavu was in june so help me followed in Nov. In any case, whatever they do will be great whenever so it's all good

oh yeah it definitely wouldn’t be before svt’s!! I think October’s a good bet for it

op what's that thing about the thing bein…

op what's that thing about the thing being talked about on twitter?? what's with the guns and… what? are they like looking for someone who can be like the girl in the mv??? is it nu'est???

Here’s the link!

It could possibly be Nu’est (the group name is basically written as Nu[redacted]). They’re looking for 2 girls to act in a mv and it says there will be some scenes with guns so people who are easily scared shouldn’t apply. That being said, it could also be fake and nothing’s confirmed with it. 

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