Random question: are you on twitter? Most love…

Random question: are you on twitter? Most loves seem to be lol so I wondered

I am but only kind of haha I’m @onlystr84jongup on there, but I’m more of a lurker  + occasional retweeter, and i originally made it to interact with other fic writers so if ff isn’t your thing, you might not want to follow me!

Hi admin… Can admin explain how fancafe work…

Hi admin… Can admin explain how fancafe work because I don't really know hangul… And everytime Ren having conversations with fans, I don't know where to find it ㅠㅠ


Much apologies for the late response, we haven’t been logging in here. The fancafe would require a certain level of understanding of Korean to navigate ;;, but we can tell you briefly how it works – the fancafe is essentially a forum! For anyone else who is interested in how the Fancafe allows communication, here’s some more information:

To join the fancafe, you need to answer a series of NUEST-related questions and submit proof shots of your Melon account streaming to NU’EST songs (thus, making it very difficult for international fans to join). The one other way to join is to simply purchase the official L.O.V.E membership card.

There a many subforums on the fancafe where you can talk to other L.O.V.Es and leave messages for the boys. Ren usually appear in the attendance board – where fans turn up to mark their daily attendance (logging in, leaving comments and such could help to boost the fancafe activity, and there is a general ranking across Daum for the most active fancafes) by saying ‘Present!’. He tends to start what is called ‘Mingi Time’, around 11pm KST to say hi to fans.

Occasionally (more often in the past), the boys would reply to L.O.V.E letters sent in by the fans, and would also post their own L.O.V.E letters to the fans as well.

It’s never happened after produce I believe, but there are events and very occasionally where the boys will start a live chat as well. These chatroom takes place at totally random times, with a fixed number of people that can enter the room (range from 20 to 100), and you can go in and talk to them live. However, this is wholly initiated by the boys. If the chats happen randomly, the boys would leave a L.O.V.E letter saying ‘chat commence in 5 mins!’ to signal the session is about to start. I have to add that this hasn’t been done since a long time, but it is a possible event in the future.

Sadly, after Pledis took over the management of the fancafe instead of leaving it fully to the volunteer, they removed the ‘foreign’ section of the board for international L.O.V.Es without prior reason. It became a lot more difficult for ifans to write and leave posts, but you can still send in your letters to the members’ individual L.O.V.E Letters room if you’re a member. I highly recommend leaving only English posts to English-speaking members so they could better understand; Aron is definitely one, and Ren understands conversational level of English.

TL;DR: if you are looking for Ren’s conversations, follow Limetree66044! She would usually post a thread link to where Ren’s convo takes place.

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Heyy so I am just starting to get into nu&#039…

Heyy so I am just starting to get into nu'est and from what i understand minhyun is now part of wanna one. But everywhere i see people saying 'once minhyun returns…' but how does that work? Cause i suppose you can't just leave a group


This might sound a bit complicated, so I’m breaking it down into different segments. Hope you don’t mind me publishing it since some others might have the same query.

1. Minhyun debuted in NU’EST and is still a NU’EST member. Due to his responsibilities after being picked as a Wanna One member from the survival show, Produce 101 Season 2, Minhyun is currently on hiatus in NU’EST – this means he is not involved in the musical releases, nor is he promoting under the name of a NU’EST member during this time period. In relative, the 4 remaining members brand themselves as NU’EST W, essentially a subunit with altered musical styles to suit their vocals, image and holds the meaning from ‘waiting’, both waiting for Minhyun’s return and to return the love for waiting fans.

2. Wanna One is a special group formed by voting in Korea through survival show, Produce 101. This project group will lasts till 2019 January (as it seemed from the latest update). During the time from its formation (June 2017), to the end of the contract, all members are to focus fully as Wanna One. This includes Minhyun and Sungwoon, both who debuted with NU’EST and HOTSHOT respectively, as well as trainees from different agencies. Wanna One is then managed fully by a separate agency YMC, even if the individual members are also contracted under their respective agencies such as Pledis, BNM, Cube and more. 

The idea is that Wanna One is made to be a nation’s group, voted by the nation, formed by the best of the best across different agencies in Korea, and is no different from season 1′s very own, I.O.I. 

Once the contract for Wanna One’s activities cease in January, the members are expected to return to their respective companies to prepare for their re-debut in a permanent group, or return to their original group. 

In short, both NU’EST and Wanna One are Minhyun’s affiliated groups. One is his original and permanent contract (NU’EST), one is a special opportunity and project group (Wanna One). 

Hope this helps to clear up the situation.

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