well they gave us eight apostrophes but now we…

well they gave us eight apostrophes but now we're getting a comeback too i'm!!!!!!!! the amount of stuff nu'est have thrown at us the past few days my gosh its been an emotional rollercoaster

YES!! omg minhyun on twitter?? and now comeback news???? im so excited to see what they do and whether its a light or dark concept and if the table teasers are finally gonna make sense or if i should give up on that ever happening lol

so since jr confirmed that they're coming…

so since jr confirmed that they're coming back soon, it seems like pledis is shooting for a Sept comeback after all which is a little hmm to me, I figured oct would be the best time since they'll be done with the bulk of the tour stuff and consequent resting time, while also being comfortably before award shows so allows them a good promotional period lengthwise. sept isn't bad I'm just questioning why pledis is rushing this so much

(also curious about the audition notice now since it seems likely it was nu’est and wondering if that means they’re doing a hardcore/dark type thing cause that would feel kinda similar to bet bet which in turn wasn’t wildly different from help me and I’m curious if they’re sticking to this now, I kinda expected a whole new thing but idk I’m waaayyy overthinking this sorry I’m just excited)

you’re more informed than I am!! I didn’t hear about jr confirming anything. September seems really soon, but nuest do seem like they’re trying to fit in a lot, considering Min added on another musical performance even with the tour. Honestly, I’d still call October soon? But again idk what jr said. 

I think the big question for what comes next is if they’re gonna start a new mv storyline or just do some normal (for lack of a better word) mvs? I would be really surprised if they changed things up too much outside of that. Their style of music fits the darker/classy mvs and they know better than anyone that changing things up too much can hurt them. If the audition notice is real, then I bet they’re going to start a new storyline! 

And no worries!! I enjoy overthinking this stuff too 🙂

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