Random question: are you on twitter? Most love…

Random question: are you on twitter? Most loves seem to be lol so I wondered

I am but only kind of haha I’m @onlystr84jongup on there, but I’m more of a lurker  + occasional retweeter, and i originally made it to interact with other fic writers so if ff isn’t your thing, you might not want to follow me!

(Sorry about spilling this here but everything…

(Sorry about spilling this here but everything lately has made me so emo and you seemed sad so I wanted to distract you but I think this might be sadder sorryyy)

Ahh no dont say sorry!! thank you for sending in an ask it helped me a distract myself which was what i wanted so!!

Idk what to ask so here's a thought I had…

Idk what to ask so here's a thought I had: I wonder exactly how nu'est was treated by everyone at pledis pre-pd101? Cause they said that even their company thought they had failed, so like how did all the trainees and artists actually feel? It must have been so sad for everyone, and I keep remembering kahi's face and think what did everyone else think? Especially seeing SVT's enthusiasm for when nu'est starting joining them at awards shows and winning, this must have been smth they wanted so bad

I think nuest has a pretty good relationship with everyone at pledis and that everyone at pledis wanted them to succeed. It seems like everyone at pledis loves them and respects them a lot but people outside of pledis…..it mightve been a different story. (Pre produce ofc) They must’ve been really sad about what was happening to Nu’est,,,,Theyre all so supportive towards each other and its clear that everyone at pledis supports each other and wants the best for each other. Svt and Pristin seemed so happy for them when nuble won that award at mama,,,,idk this is kind of an incoherent mess but in conclusion they’re just really supportive towards each other and they were definitely as supportive and loving pre produce.

Top 3 fav songs (generally) and also top 3 fav…

Top 3 fav songs (generally) and also top 3 fav nu'est choreos (these are very specific questions lol sorry)

Top 3 fav songs

-Btob’s Beautiful Pain: rn its helping me get through some personal stuff so im in love with it.

-Bass by Nuest: its my favorite song in hea and ive just been listening to it constantly lmao

-Bin Tere from I Hate Luv Stories: its a hindi song, and its a soft bop i love it.

Top 3 Nuest Choreos

-Love Paint: i love the hand thing they in the chorus (?) its very elegant…..if you’re confused by what i just said ill take a screenshot of it just ask me lol

-Good Bye Bye: the footwork is intense I appreciate it.

-Segno: i love the part where they incorporate the old choreos,,,,its so cute i love it.

How a out Big Deal, I'm Bad, and Look?

How a out Big Deal, I'm Bad, and Look?

Look: An unexpected quality you have that most people don’t see at first glance?

– Most people expect me to be really sweet and innocent (something about my voice idk) so they are always shook when I hit em with my sass and humor. Also I think people are surprised by my no bs attitude, since I look like a pushover (but I don’t take shit from ppl period).

I’m Bad: The things you absolutely cannot do well?

My friend and I have this joke about how I’m illiterate, bc I cannot spell to save my life. Also a horrible dancer (but somehow I can learn the hoe dances only), I suck at coordination in general. And I have the memory of a goldfish.

Big Deal: Have you ever been through a large event that has significantly changed you?

– I was a private/ homeschool kid until the 7th grade when we moved and I had to go to public school, let me tell you I use to be a well rounded human before that. Now I’m just a functioning mess.

Thanks for the ask!

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