the thought of another comeback has me so exci…

the thought of another comeback has me so excited and a bit worried, but I doubt they'll do another one yet, firstly cause tour but also cause svt hasn't had one yet and since their last one was before nu'est and next is confirmed for august, so nu'est likely won't have a comeback till Sept and that'll be conditional on tour dates. I'm thinking they might shoot for Oct, like how dejavu was in june so help me followed in Nov. In any case, whatever they do will be great whenever so it's all good

oh yeah it definitely wouldn’t be before svt’s!! I think October’s a good bet for it

If you feel like you need to take a break you …

If you feel like you need to take a break you should do it, do whatever is best for yourself and your mental health! We'll miss you loads obvs but everyone else's feelings are always secondary to your own and I hope you do what's best for you and stay happy and healthy 💕💕

You’re right anon, thank you. I’ve just been in a rut recently, so I don’t really know what to do. 🙁 I’m probably just gonna take a break from making gifs and focus on other types of edits, because making gifs have just been kinda boring for me recently, I don’t have any inspiration. 

Top five fav nu'est moments!

Top five fav nu'est moments!

1) When nuble were dancing to Introduce Me to Your Noona and they all just stopped and let Aron dance alone and he didn’t notice until he had to turn around and he wouldn’t stop laughing after that.

2) When Nu’est sang If You for the second time and loves added Minhyun to the fanchant. He looked so happy when he heard his name 🙁

3) Nuest’s first win as ot5.

4) When they did that twitter room thing and started kissing each other’s hands??? 

5) When Nuble had their first fanmeet. On the second day, Aron got the loudest cheers (because he thanked fans for welcoming him on the first day) and there was a fancam where you could see Jonghyun tearing up.

Ask me my “top five” anything 

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